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Xiaomi Launching Mi A1 in Pakistan: Expected price and launch date

After officially launch of Xiaomi mobile phones in Pakistan, Xiaomi has proven himself as a best smartphone provider with reasonable price and amazing features. Xiaomi gain big success through their sole distributor in Pakistan, Smart Link Technologies and convert many other brands smartphone users into Xiaomi fans in just few months.

Soon after getting popularity in the field of smartphone manufacturing in Asian countries including Pakistan, India, China and Bangladesh, xiaomi decided to manufacture smart phone collaboration with Google by Mi A1 series.


Like other Google devices, Mi A1 (AndroidOne) will have high security and self-updating software. With this simple and useful features Google devices hit market with great success not only in European countries but also in Asian countries including Pakistan. Incorporating these features in Mi A1, it is expected that this phone series will bring revolution in Pakistani smartphone industry.

Mi A1 is already in some countries including India and is available in online stores like In Pakistan, launch of Mi A1 is expected in mid of November with expected price in the range of 25,000 to 29,000.

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